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Welcome at my homepage!
Who am I? Here a short overview:

Name: Dipl.-Inf. Tobias Flaig
Town: Esslingen
Birth: 1976
Email: Flike@flike.de

Lock On - German award AddOn

Are you looking for all german awards ...
  Ok the load my AddOn ...
There will be the Verdienstkreuz mit Stern and Großkreuz (Both are only for statesmen, but who cares?)

1.  Load AddOn

2. Copy and store the File Countries.xml in ./LockOn/PilotLogBook/ (It's the Uninstall routine ;-) )
3. Extract AddOn in ./LockOn/
4. Have fun earning german awards

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel Pedals for Flightsims

The pedals may be used for the ruder function in flightsims. You have only to use the Wheel as second device besides your joystick. But you wan't always carry the whole wheel to LanPartys ...
So here is the solution....

The pedals have to be plugged on the device with the western connector and the whole thing has to be plugged in the gameport or USB if you use an gamport-USB-converter.

I don't take any responsibility, because I'm a computer scientist and not a electrician, but on my system it works fine....(If you have some ideas, just mail me)
The pedals will work as one device with one axis and both pedals are combined.
  R3-R6 should be variable resistors, for adjusting the pedals...


Jabber Client with Chessfunction

Jabber is one of the best IM-Services.
I have written a Jabber Client with chessfuntion in Java.
  Just try the alpha version...

JLircLan Windowsprograms controlled by Lirc

On Linux it is possible to control programs on the lan by irexec. With JLircLan it is possible to control programs on windows. If Lirc or WinLirc recognizes a key press it is send to the Lan. JLircLan receives the command and sends a keypress to a desired application. So it is possible to control many applications on the Lan using only one remotecontrol.

JLircLan is implemented in Java but it has to access windows scripting :-( ....
  Just try it ...

DXLockOn - Change DX Sound Acceleration out off SysTray

Up to LockOn 1.01 it is recommanded to disable DirectX SoundAccleration while playing. Other games require DX Sound Acceleration enabled. I wrote DXLockOn for going the easy way, not over Dxdiag. With this tool you are able to change the SoundAccelerations mode out of the SysTray, with the restriction: You have to be administrator.

  Just try it ...

JLockOn - Show gauges on 2nd computer (beta3)

Somtimes it is nice to see all instruments while flying. For that reaseon i wrote a program for viewing the instruments on a 2nd computer. At this time it is only possible to view the altimeter, speed, gforce and attitude director, because this program is still beta.... (VVI still doesn't work, but I contacted the developers). Based on strange internal data from LockOn you have now to select the plane you are flying for correct values. I'm going to implement the window resizing... Further functions may follow....

  Just try it ...

IE-BossKey - Close all Internet Explorer instances by a shortcut

A friend of mine (Hi Tim) asked me for this tool for closing all Internet Explorer instances by a shortcut (in case a fanatic Firefox user shows up ;-) ).

Einfach mal testen ...